Frequently Asked Questions

Will my boudoir photos be on the internet?
Not unless you say it's ok. I ask for written permission and I respect your privacy. Even if you agree and then change your mind, your boudoir image will be taken down immediately.

I don't like my arms/stretch marks/tummy, can you get rid of that?
In most cases yes, removal of anything in excess is done routinely but NOT completely. Your boudoir photos will still look like you and we need to celebrate that. We always discuss anything that you may feel self- conscious about and will advise you on my posing, lighting and post process to emphasize your best features.

Do I bring my own lingerie or do you provide the outfits?
Bring your favorite pieces to your boudoir session. Maybe you have something new or a set you rarely wear. My studio has a small studio wardrobe depending on your size. Of course, I try to cater for every body type. Even if you bring nothing, I can provide you with the perfect ideas to compliment your body type. High heels never go astray, so bring a sexy pair or borrow some if you have to. This is something we can discuss via a face-time call prior to your session.

Do I do my own hair and make-up?
Professional hair and makeup are included in every package I offer. My stylists have been selected by me and offer only the best in application and style. We don't want you to worry about a thing.

Can I bring a friend to my session?
In general, I prefer to work one on one with my clients. An audience can sometimes break the connection between photographer and client and interfere with the overall photo session experience. If you must bring someone for moral support, please limit it to one person and to respectfully offer only positive comments if any. Also note, no children allowed as this boudoir photo session is an experience for my client to enjoy completely for themselves.

I'm ready to book, what's next?
We choose a date that is available, then to secure that date I ask that you pay your session fee of $350. This session fee is non-refundable, of course if you absolutely can't make your boudoir session, we will re-schedule 1 time only. I will arrange a phone call so we can start planning your boudoir experience.

When do I choose my boudoir photos?
You will be welcomed back to the studio around 2 weeks after your boudoir photoshoot. Then you will be shown 26 handpicked photos, this is to make your choices a little easier. You will then say "oh Wow" lots of times and purchase only what you love. I have 3 different packages and also product and wall art available. All prints come with a matching digital file with printing rights. Packages have payment options including discounted full payments, and simple payment plans.

Don't hesitate to contact me for further details.